Why is this data so important?

Defining the site's cost isn't a simple task. We comprehensively evaluate site SEO, website traffic (quantity, source, geography) and make approximate conclusions about the website's cost. Special attention is paid not only to the current site's cost but to the growth (or decline) dynamic of this or that resource.
There are many factors that determine the "worth" of a site. The cost of a site would be how much it costs to run it. The worth of a site is determined mainly by how much revenue the site is bringing in. Other factors would include how much traffic the site is bringing in on a monthly basis, email subscribers if any, search engine positioning for certain keywords, etc.

This is an estimated data only. SmartViper
SEO score

What is SmartViper SEO Score?

SmartViper SEO Score is the site's index that indicates the rate of the site's friendliness to search engines. The more your site has subsidiary tags; the more meta tags are filled; the more and qualitative are the external links to the site; the higher the SmartViper SEO score is.
SmartViper SEO Score is measured in percents, and 100% is the highest rating of a site.

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